Archives of pharmacal research

The synthesis and characterization of fatty acid salts of chitosan as novel matrices for prolonged intragastric drug delivery.

PMID 22864738


The aim of this study was to prepare fatty acid salts of chitosan (CS) and to evaluate the salts as matrices for sustained drug release and prolonged gastric retention. CS-laurate and CS-palmitate were formed by mixing saturated CS solution and aqueous solutions of sodium laurate and sodium palmitate, respectively, and collected by centrifugation. They were characterized using Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy and differential scanning calorimetry. Different matrices as effervescent tablets were prepared using each of these CS-salts, CS and the corresponding physical mixtures of CS and the fatty acids. Sodium bicarbonate as an effervescent agent and ranitidine HCl as a model drug were incorporated into these matrices. In vitro buoyancy and drug dissolution were studied for the matrices in 0.1 M HCl. Tablets with fatty acid salts of CS showed both rapid and prolonged buoyancy (> 8 h). Comparatively, CS tablets exhibited a short floatation period (< 2 h) and tablets were completely disintegrated within 1 h of soaking. In addition, slow and prolonged drug release was achieved from tablets of fatty acid salts of CS with average drug release of 80.1 and 71.8% for CS-laurate and CS-palmitate, respectively. Rapid drug release (> 80% at 1 h) was exhibited by tablets with CS or the physical mixtures.

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