[Effect of different water-soluble forms of the fullerene C60 on the metabolic activity and ultra-structure of cells in culture].

PMID 22873071


In view of contradictory data on the toxicity of fullerenes for live organisms we studied the effect of water-soluble complexes of C60 with N-polyvivyl-pirrolidone (C60/PVP) and gamma-cyclodextrine (C60/gamma-CD) on MA-104 cells in culture. Both complexes proved to be non-toxic for cultured cells in the dark in wide range of concentrations. Both complexes provoke changes of cellular ultra-structure which reflect the enhancement of metabolic activity. At the same time only the exposition with the complex C60/PVP leads to the essential growth of number and size of mitochondria. However, the effect of two studied water-soluble forms of C60 under intensive UV-irradiation of cells proved to be opposite: C60/PVP had a cyto-protective action while C60/gamma-CD caused a significant growth of photo-toxicity. Possible reasons of the differences in the action of different forms of C60 on living organisms are discussed.