Acta poloniae pharmaceutica

Development and characterization of self emulsifying drug delivery system of a poorly water soluble drug using natural oil.

PMID 22876615


Objective of present study involves preparation and evaluation of self emulsifying drug delivery system (SEDDS) of ibuprofen using peanut oil. SEDDS were composed of varying concentrations of peanut oil (solvent), tween 80 (surfactant) and span 20 (co-surfactant). Influence of concentration of surfactant/co-surfactant and globule size on dissolution rate was investigated. Dissolution rate was studied in phosphate buffer pH 6.8 using dissolution apparatus II. The dissolution rate of self emulsifying capsule was found to be significantly faster than that from conventional tablet. The optimized SEDDS released approximately above 85% of ibuprofen within 30 min, while conventional ibuprofen tablet could released only 36% in 30 min. Therefore, these SEDDS could be a better alternative to conventional drug delivery system of ibuprofen.

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