Acta veterinaria Scandinavica

Treatment of dairy cows with PGF2α or NSAID, in combination with antibiotics, in cases of postpartum uterine inflammation.

PMID 22883439


The aim of the study was to test the effect of two treatments in cases of acute puerperal metritis (APM) and clinical metritis (CM). Cows with APM and CM (n = 40)) were matched according to plasma fibrinogen levels (Fb) into three groups. Two negative control groups D (n = 11) and E (n = 17) were composed of healthy cows. The proportion of animals with APM and CM was similar within the groups. Treatment was started on the 3rd day postpartum (PP). In group A (n = 15), intramuscular (i.m.) administration of ceftiofur was used for five days in combination with flunixin for three days. Group B (n = 15) received i.m. administration of ceftiofur for five days followed by two injections of prostaglandin F2α, with an interval of 8 h, on the 8th day PP. Group C (n = 10) served as a control group with no treatment. The general health status, body temperature (BT) and vaginal discharge were evaluated daily. Endometrial biopsies for bacteriology were taken once a week for seven weeks PP. Blood samples for the analysis of acute phase proteins were collected once a week for six weeks PP. Samples for progesterone analysis were taken twice a week for seven weeks PP. Fertility performance data were recorded. The area under the curve of BT was higher in group B than in group D cows (P < 0.05). No differences were found for vaginal discharge. There were no differences in bacterial growth, start of ovarian activity or serum amyloid-A or fibrinogen levels among the groups. The haptoglobin concentration was higher in the first and second weeks PP in group B compared with the other groups (P < 0.05). The number of days open was higher in group A than in both groups B and D (P < 0.05). The pregnancy rate after the first two services was higher (P < 0.05) in groups B and D than in groups A and C. The number of services per pregnancy was lower in group B than in group C (P < 0.05). Regardless of more severe uterine inflammation found in animals from group B, these cows showed the same fertility parameters as healthy animals.

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