Zhurnal vysshei nervnoi deiatelnosti imeni I P Pavlova

[Reproduction of passive avoidance reactions after neurotensin microinjection into nucleus accumbens of rat brain against the background of reserpine action].

PMID 22891581


The purpose of the study was to reveal the features of the influence of neurotensin injected into the nucleus accumbens on behaviour of rats after systemic administration of reserpine in the dose of 2 mg/kg. Reprodution of passive avoidance conditioned reactions, painful stimulation aftereffects on locomotor activity in the "open field", and behavior in the elevated plus-maze were studied. It was shown that reserpine administration impaired the reproduction of passive avoidance reactions and weakened the oppressing aftereffect of painful stimulation, which can be due to a decrease in anxiety in rats. Neurotensin prevented disorders in the defensive behavior evoked by reserpine and intensified the state of anxiety in the elevated plus-maze. The positive influence ofneurotensin on the reproduction of passive avoidance can be associated with the recovery of the anxiogenic effect of painful stimulation destroyed by reserpine. Thus, neurotensin injected into the nucleus accumbens could normalize the balance of brain monoaminergic systems.