Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology

Iprodione residues and dissipation rates in tobacco leaves and soil.

PMID 22893179


Field experiments were conducted in two different locations to determine the residue levels and dissipation rates of iprodione in tobacco leaves and soil. Iprodione 50% wettable powder formulation was sprayed once at 12.50 g/ha to study the dissipation behavior and three to four times at 8.33 g/ha (recommended dose) and 12.50 g/ha (1.5 times the recommended field dose) to determine the residue levels of iprodione in tobacco leaves and soil after repeated applications. Iprodione residues in both green tobacco leaves and soil dissipated to about 50% of the initial deposits after 7 days and then further dissipated to more than 90% after 35 days.The dissipation of iprodione followed first order kinetics and the calculated half-life values (T (1/2)) were 5.64-8.80 days in green tobacco leaves and 7.50-9.93 days in soil, respectively. Iprodione residue levels in flue-cured tobacco leaves 21 days after the third and fourth applications ranged from 7.61 to 40.98 mg/kg. Meanwhile, the residues detected in soil decreased to 0.010-0.117 mg/kg 21 days after the last treatment.