Channels (Austin, Tex.)

Stimulation of arterial smooth muscle L-type calcium channels by hydrogen peroxide requires protein kinase C.

PMID 22907102


Changes in intracellular calcium regulate countless biological processes. In arterial smooth muscle, voltage-dependent L-type calcium channels are major conduits for calcium entry with the primary function being determination of arterial diameter. Similarly, changes in intracellular redox status, either discrete controlled changes or global pathological perturbations, are also critical determinants of cell function. We recently reported that in arterial smooth muscle cells, local generation of hydrogen peroxide leads to colocalized calcium entry through L-type calcium channels. Here we extend our investigation into mechanisms linking hydrogen peroxide to calcium influx through L-type calcium channels by focusing on the role of protein kinase C (PKC). Our data indicate that stimulation of L-type calcium channels by hydrogen peroxide requires oxidant-dependent increases in PKC catalytic activity. This effect is independent of classical cofactor-dependent activation of PKC by diacylglycerol. These data provide additional experimental evidence supporting the concept of oxidative stimulation of L-type calcium channels.