Journal of chromatographic science

Optimization extraction process of aroma components in tobacco.

PMID 22907910


This paper concerns the optimization of the simultaneous distillation extraction process of volatile aromatic components in flue-cured tobacco leaves by single-factor experiments and response surface methodology (RSM). The qualitative and quantitative analysis of the aroma components was performed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. The single-factor experiments were adopted to investigate the effects of five independent variables (including material/liquid ratio, distillation time, dosage of NaCl, volume of CH(2)Cl(2) and water-bath temperature) on the extraction of aroma components in tobacco. Furthermore, RSM was employed to study the relationship among the five independent variables and their effects on the extraction of aroma components. The results showed that the optimal extraction conditions were as follows: 1:12 ratio of material to solvent, 3.20 h distillation time, 1:1 ratio of NaCl and tobacco, 2:1 ratio of CH2Cl2 and tobacco, 60°C water-bath temperature. Under the optimized conditions, the maximum extraction amount of aroma components reached 2.27 mg/g.