Efficacy and safety of multitarget therapy with mizoribine and tacrolimus for systemic lupus erythematosus with or without active nephritis.

PMID 22917589


The prognosis of lupus nephritis (LN) has improved since the introduction of immunosuppressant therapies, but the safety and effectiveness of treatments can also be improved. We retrospectively assessed the treatment courses of 12 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus who were treated with glucocorticoid, mizoribine (MZR) and tacrolimus. This regimen was used as initial therapy for active LN in six patients (mean glucocorticoid dose, 66.6 mg); four of these six patients also received pulse methylprednisolone therapy. The starting doses of MZR and tacrolimus were 150 and 3 mg, respectively, and they were titrated as required. Five of six patients achieved complete remission and one achieved partial remission at 6 months. Five patients who completed 12-month analysis achieved complete remission. Another six patients were given the combination regimen for treating minor flares or for steroid sparing. The mean prednisolone doses were reduced from 11.0 mg at baseline to 6.6 mg at 12 months. Six patients experienced minor adverse events, including three minor infections. One patient stopped tacrolimus because of suspected toxicity. All 12 patients were successfully treated, and none experienced severe adverse events. Multitarget therapy combining glucocorticoid, MZR and tacrolimus may have the potential to become a treatment option which is effective and safe.

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