Arkhiv patologii

[Morphologic and functional heterogeneous changes of the urinary bladder different parts at rats with infravesical obstruction of the urinary tracts].

PMID 22937581


Infravesical obstruction of the lower urinary tracts of 30 rats was carried out by the measured constriction of the urethral prevesical parts. Morphologic and functional changes of the urinary bladder different parts were studied in 1 week and in 3 months. Compensatory hypertrophy of the detrusor was accompanied increasing of hypertrophied, atrophic and native forms of leiomyocytes, as so their transformation into myofibroblasts with connective tissue formation between the muscle fibers mainly in the neck of urinary bladder Contractility of the detrusor decreased with their tonus increasing mainly in the neck of urinary bladder too. Weakening effect of adrenalin in 3 month after obstruction significantly decreased, while in the body and neck of urinary bladder it virtually disappeared. Blockade of alpha-adrenoreceptors after noradrenalin stimulation resulted in enchancement of the hypertrophic detrusor contraction when tonus of the urinary neck decreased. On the contrary, in the intact urinary bladder the similarly influence resulted in weakening of contraction.

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