Sodium amobarbital: historical perspectives and neurorehabilitation clinical caveats.

PMID 22951703


The sodium amobarbital (amytal) (SA) interview is a technique that has been utilized in the treatment of a variety of disorders since its introduction in 1929. Since that time, there has been an assortment of research conducted showing its value in both differential diagnosis and treatment of multiple conditions. Notwithstanding the substantive amount of experience with the technique and its application to a myriad number of clinical conditions, it remains a seldom used procedure in clinical practice and certainly in neurorehabilitation. This paper will review the history of SA, as well as summarize the literature published over the past two decades on the clinical applications of SA to provide readers with a foundation for the utility of this agent, as well as the sodium amytal interview (SAI) in neurorehabilitation clinical practice. Special emphasis will be placed on the use of the SAI in individuals with functional disorders that may be seen in the neurorehabilitation setting, as well as various classes of pain disorders.

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