Food chemistry

A disposable amperometric immunosensor for chlorpyrifos-methyl based on immunogen/platinum doped silica sol-gel film modified screen-printed carbon electrode.

PMID 22953801


A disposable amperometric immunosensor for sensitive detection of chlorpyrifos-methyl (CM) has been developed by combining dual signal amplification of platinum colloid with an enzymatic catalytic reaction. The immunosensor was fabricated by modification of the screen-printed carbon electrodes (SPCE) with nanocomposites made by skillful doping of bovine serum albumin conjugated chlorpyrifos-methyl antigen (BSA-Ag) and platinum colloid into silica sol-gel. The scanning electron microscope (SEM) images and electrochemical measurements showed that platinum colloid domains in the nanocomposite material could enhance electron transfer and change the brittleness of the silica sol-gel. The immobilisation of BSA-Ag on the nanocomposite retained its immunoactivities, which allowed the immobilised BSA-Ag to effectively capture unbound Ab-HRP in the detection solution. A linear response to CM concentration was exhibited, ranging from 0.4 to 20ng/mL. Detection of CM with the presented method in soil or grape samples treated with CM matched the reference values well, which indicated that the proposed disposable immunosensor hold promising applications in environmental and food monitoring.