Current medicinal chemistry

A comparative study of two novel nanosized radiolabeled analogues of methionine for SPECT tumor imaging.

PMID 22963619


It has been reported that most tumor cells show an increased uptake of variety of amino acids specially methionine when compared with normal cells and amino acid transport is generally increased in malignant transformation. Based on the evidences, two novel nanosized analogues of methionine (Anionic Linear Globular Dendrimer G(2), a biodigredabale anionic linear globular-Methionin, and DTPA-Methionine(1) conjugates) were synthesized and labeled with (99m)Tc and used in tumor imaging/ therapy in vitro and in vivo. The results showed marked tumor SPECT molecular imaging liabilities for both compounds but with a better performance by administration of (99m)Tc-Dendrimer G(2)-Methionin. The results also showed a good anticancer activity for 99mTc-DTPA-Methionine. Based on the present study (99m)Tc-Dendrimer G(2)-Methionin or 99mTc-DTPA-(Methionine)(1) have potentials to be used in tumor molecular imaging as well as cancer therapy in future.