Brain research

Straub tail reaction in mice treated with σ(1) receptor antagonist in combination with methamphetamine.

PMID 22981417


Straub tail reaction (STR) was observed in male ddY mice after simultaneous administration with BMY 14802 (a non-specific σ receptor antagonist) and methamphetamine (METH). The intensity and duration of STR depended on the dose of BMY 14802. The tail reaction was inhibited completely by (+)-SKF 10,047 (a putative σ(1) receptor agonist) and partially by PB 28 (a putative σ(2) receptor agonist). The STR was mimicked in mice treated with BD 1047 (a putative σ(1) receptor antagonist), but not SM-21, a putative σ(2) receptor antagonist, in combination with METH. STR evoked with BD 1047 plus METH was inhibited by (+)-SKF 10,047. STR induced by BMY 14802 and METH was abolished by naloxone (a relatively non-selective opioid receptor antagonist) or U-50,488H (a selective κ-agonist), suggesting that the STR may be mediated by activation of opioid receptor system.

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