Poultry science

Consequences of phosphorus interactions with calcium, phytase, and cholecalciferol on zootechnical performance and mineral retention in broiler chickens.

PMID 22991538


The objective was to determine the effect of calcium (Ca), total phosphorus (Ptot), cholecalciferol, and phytase level in the diet on the performance, tibia ash percentage, and Ca and P retention in broilers until slaughter age. Broilers were randomly assigned to 12 treatments, each with 6 replicates, comprising 3 diets differing in Ca and P level: 1) normal Ca and Ptot level (NN); 2) normal Ca and low Ptot level (NL), 3) low Ca and Ptot level (LL). Broilers were also given 2 levels of cholecalciferol and 2 levels of phytase. The normal levels of Ca and Ptot for the starter, grower, and finisher phases were 0.90, 0.82, 0.74% and 0.67, 0.62, 0.57%, respectively. The low Ca and Ptot levels for the 3 phases were 0.67, 0.60, 0.52% and 0.57, 0.51, 0.46%, respectively. Broilers of the NL treatment obtained the lowest BW, whereas BW of the NN and LL groups were comparable. Cholecalciferol significantly affected the BW, with differences up to 2.6 and 1.2% for the starter and grower phases, respectively. The highest cholecalciferol effect was found in combination with the NN treatment. The percentage of retained Ca increased from 33% to 41% and 48% when the imbalanced diet was replaced by the NN and LL balanced diets, respectively. P release from phytate was 64 and 67% for the NL and LL diets, respectively. Phytase and cholecalciferol had significantly favorable effects on retention values but these effects were dependent on Ca and Ptot levels and their ratio. In conclusion, both diets with the balanced Ca/Ptot ratio resulted in the best performance, highest tibia ash percentage and P release from phytate. A reduction of the Aviagen (2009) recommended P requirements by 25 to 30% and Ca by 15 to 20% over the various phases did not negatively affect performance, bone development, and improved Ca and Ptot retention. The effects of supplementing cholecalciferol and phytase were additive but not significant and no synergism between both was present.

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