Bioelectrochemistry (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Dissolution testing and potentiometric determination of famciclovir in pure, dosage forms and biological fluids.

PMID 23017353


The performance characteristics of two new plastic membrane ion selective electrodes (ISEs) used for the determination of famciclovir (Fcv) based on the ion associate of Fcv with phosphotungstic acid (PTA) or phosphomolybdic acid (PMA) are described. Different experimental conditions as type of plasticizer to be incorporated in the membrane, life span, effect of soaking, pH, temperature, and interferences were studied. Both electrodes showed similar performance under these conditions, exhibiting Nernstian slopes of S (Fcv-PTA)=58.60±0.84 mV/decade and S (Fcv-PMA)=58.77±0.68 mV/decade within a usable concentration range of 10⁻⁵-10⁻² [Fcv/M] at 298/K. Famciclovir was assayed potentiometrically in its pure solution, pharmaceutical preparations and biological fluids (urine and plasma) using proposed electrodes under batch and flow injection analysis (FIA) conditions with a recovery % ranging between 96.76% and 102.83% having RSD of 0.66%-1.81%. The electrodes were also successfully applied in the determination of the dissolution profile of Fcv tablets and the results came in agreement with the validated results of the HPLC method obtained from the quality control unit of the company producing the tablets.