International journal of biological macromolecules

Evaluation of polyurethane based on cellulose derivative-ketoprofen biosystem for implant biomedical devices.

PMID 23036590


A polyether-urethane based on polytetrahydrofuran containing hydroxypropyl cellulose for biomedical applications was tested for its biocompatibility. Ketoprofen was incorporated (3% and 6%) in the polyurethane matrix as an anti-inflammatory drug. Dynamic vapour sorption method was employed for testing the water sorption/desorption behaviour of these materials with the determination of the surface isotherms, surface parameters and the kinetic curves of sorption/desorption processes. Cytotoxicity testing in vitro for quantifying cell proliferation was employed, and the results evidence noncytotoxicity for the studied polyurethane-drug systems. In vivo biocompatibility study was performed on 200 g weight male rats. It was found that after implantation of the polyether-urethane samples a reduced acute inflammation occurred, especially for polyurethane samples with added ketoprofen.