Luminescence : the journal of biological and chemical luminescence

A highly sensitive and temporal visualization system for gaseous ethanol with chemiluminescence enhancer.

PMID 23044769


A two-dimensional gaseous ethanol visualization system has been developed and demonstrated using a horseradish peroxidase-luminol-hydrogen peroxide system with high-purity luminol solution and a chemiluminescence (CL) enhancer. This system measures ethanol concentrations as intensities of CL via the luminol reaction. CL was emitted when the gaseous ethanol was injected onto an enzyme-immobilized membrane, which was employed as a screen for two-dimensional gas visualization. The average intensity of CL on the substrate was linearly related to the concentration of standard ethanol gas. These results were compared with the CL intensity of the CCD camera recording image in the visualization system. This system is available for gas components not only for spatial but also for temporal analysis in real time. A high-purity sodium salt HG solution (L-HG) instead of standard luminol solution and an enhancer, eosin Y (EY) solution, were adapted for improvement of CL intensity of the system. The visualization of gaseous ethanol was achieved at a detection limit of 3 ppm at optimized concentrations of L-HG solution and EY.