JACC. Cardiovascular interventions

Paclitaxel drug-coated balloons: a review of current status and emerging applications in native coronary artery de novo lesions.

PMID 23078727


The paclitaxel drug-coated balloon (DCB) is an emerging device in percutaneous coronary intervention, which has shown promising results by means of a high-concentration, rapid local release of an antirestenotic drug without the use of a durable polymer or metal scaffold. DCB have already proven effective in clinical trials for the treatment of in-stent restenosis. Its coronary applications may potentially be widened to a host of complex coronary de novo lesion subsets, such as small-caliber vessels, diabetes, and diffuse lesions, where the use of stents may be hampered by suboptimal results. Recently, this technology has rapidly evolved with newer studies added to assess the value of DCB in coronary applications other than in-stent restenosis. We present a review of the role of DCB in de novo coronary lesions based on this latest clinical evidence.