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Enhanced photocatalytic activity and structural stability by hybridizing Ag3PO4 nanospheres with graphene oxide sheets.

PMID 23080357


Graphene oxide (GO)-Ag(3)PO(4) nanocomposites synthesized through a facile solution approach via electrostatic interaction were investigated as excellent photocatalysts for the degradation of rhodamine B (RhB) under visible light irradiation. SEM and TEM observations indicate that Ag(3)PO(4) nanospheres of ~120 nm in diameter were well dispersed and anchored onto the exfoliated GO sheets. The characterizations of FTIR and Raman demonstrated the existence of strong charge interactions between GO sheets and Ag(3)PO(4) nanospheres. As compared to Ag(3)PO(4) nanospheres alone, the attachments of GO sheets led to a band gap narrowing (2.10 eV) and a strong absorbance in the near infrared region (NIR). The photoluminescence (PL) analysis indicates a more efficient separation of electron-hole pairs in the GO-Ag(3)PO(4) nanocomposites. Notably, the incorporation of GO sheets not only significantly enhances the photocatalytic activity but also improves the structural stability of Ag(3)PO(4). The positive synergistic effects between Ag(3)PO(4) nanospheres and GO sheets are proposed to contribute to the improved photocatalytic properties. A possible photocatalytic mechanism of the GO-Ag(3)PO(4) nanocomposites was assumed as well. The integration of these advantages enables such GO-Ag(3)PO(4) hybrid material to be a nice photocatalyst for broad applications in a sewage treatment system.

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