Environmental monitoring and assessment

Estimation of chlorpyriphos and cypermethrin residues in chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) by gas-liquid chromatography.

PMID 23114920


Dissipation of chlorpyriphos and cypermethrin in chilli was studied following three applications of a combination formulation of Nurelle-D 505 (chlorpyriphos 50% + cypermethrin 5%) at 1 and 2 L ha(-1) at an interval of 15 days. Residues of chlorpyriphos and cypermethrin in chilli were estimated by gas-liquid chromatography and confirmed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Half-life periods for chlorpyriphos were found to be 4.43 and 2.01 days, whereas for cypermethrin these values were observed to be 2.51 and 2.64 days at single and double the application rates, respectively. Residues of chlorpyriphos dissipated to more than 80% after 10 days at both the dosages. However, residues of cypermethrin dissipated to the extent of more than 70% in 7 days. Soil samples collected after 15 days of the last application did not show the presence of chlorpyriphos and cypermethrin at their respective determination limit of 0.01 mg kg(-1). The use of chlorpyriphos and cypermethrin mixture at the recommended dosage does not seem to pose any hazards to the consumers, and a waiting period of 1 day is suggested to reduce the risk before consumption of green chilli.