Carbohydrate polymers

Thiolated xyloglucan: Synthesis, characterization and evaluation as mucoadhesive in situ gelling agent.

PMID 23121955


The objective of present study was to enhance bioadhesive potential of xyloglucan by thiolation. Thiolation of xyloglucan was achieved with esterification with thioglycolic acid. Thiolated xyloglucan was characterized by NMR, DSC, and XRD analysis. Thiolated xyloglucan was determined to possess 4mmol of thiol groups/g of polymer by Ellman's method. Comparative evaluation of mucoadhesive property of ondansetron containing in situ gel system of xyloglucan and thiolated xyloglucan using sheep nasal mucosa revealed higher ex vivo bioadhesion time of thiolated xyloglucan as compared to xyloglucan. Improved mucoadhesive property of thiolated xyloglucan over the xyloglucan can be attributed to the formation of disulfide bond between mucus and thiolated xyloglucan. Ex vivo permeation study conducted using sheep nasal showed improved drug permeation in formulation based on thiolated xyloglucan. In conclusion, thiolation of xyloglucan improves its bioadhesion and drug permeation without affecting the resultant gel properties.