International journal of pharmaceutics

The use of acoustic spectroscopy in the characterisation of ternary phase diagrams.

PMID 23124105


This study shows novel and interesting applications of acoustic spectroscopy for characterisation of ternary systems such as isopropylmiristate (IPM)/polysorbate 80 (T)/water (W). Particle size and microrheological extensional moduli (i.e. G' and G″) of different systems were determined by means of acoustic parameters such as sound attenuation and speed. Electric conductivity was also measured using the same instrument. The ultrasonic profile in terms of attenuation and sound speed in the megahertz frequency range, allowed the characterisation of the different zones of the ternary diagram such as microemulsion, emulsion and gel zones, as well as the evaluation of water state and particle size. This last parameter is a very effective tool in quantifying the phase transitions of systems and understanding which system is formed in any phase diagram zone. In fact, it is possible to analyse samples without dilution and despite their degree of turbidity, allowing complete characterisation of both properties and structure.

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