The journal of physical chemistry. B

Tetragonal and cubic zirconia multilayered ceramic constructs created by EPD.

PMID 23130870


The interest in electrophoretic deposition (EPD) for nanomaterials and ceramics production has widely increased due to the versatility of this technique to effectively combine different materials in unique shapes and structures. We successfully established an EPD layering process with submicrometer sized powders of Y-TZP with different mol percentages of yttrium oxide (3 and 8%) and produced multilayers of alternating tetragonal and cubic phases with a clearly defined interface. The rationale behind the design of these multilayer constructs was to optimize the properties of the final ceramic by combining the high mechanical toughness of the tetragonal phase of zirconia together with the high ionic conductivity of its cubic phase. In this work, a preliminary study of the mechanical properties of these constructs proved the good mechanical integrity of the multilayered constructs obtained as well as crack deflection in the interface between tetragonal and cubic zirconia layers.