Journal of psychiatric research

Blonanserin for schizophrenia: systematic review and meta-analysis of double-blind, randomized, controlled trials.

PMID 23131856


There is uncertainty about the efficacy and tolerability of blonanserin in schizophrenia. PubMed, the Cochrane Library databases, PsycINFO, and Google Scholar were searched up to September 2012. A systematic review and meta-analysis of individual patient data from randomized, controlled trials comparing blonanserin with other antipsychotics were conducted. The risk ratio (RR), 95% confidence intervals (CI), numbers-needed-to-harm (NNH), and weighted mean difference (WMD) were calculated. Four studies (total n = 1080) were identified (vs. risperidone studies [n = 508], vs. haloperidol studies [n = 572]). Comparing blonanserin with other pooled antipsychotics, there were no significant differences in the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) total score (p = 0.75), PANSS positive (p = 0.41), PANSS negative (p = 0.09), and PANSS general psychopathology subscale scores (p = 0.96), and response rate (p = 0.72). However, blonanserin showed greater efficacy in PANSS negative subscale scores compared with haloperidol (WMD = -1.29, CI = -2.29 to -0.30, p = 0.01, I(2) = 0%). No significant differences were found in discontinuation rates between blonanserin and other pooled antipsychotics (due to any cause: p = 0.29, inefficacy: p = 0.32, adverse events: p = 0.56). Blonanserin had a 0.31 lower risk of hyperprolactinemia than the other pooled antipsychotics (CI = 0.20-0.49, NNH = not significant). While dizziness (RR = 0.47, CI = 0.23-0.93, NNH = not significant) and akathisia (RR = 0.54, CI = 0.32-0.90, NNH = 7) occurred significantly less often with blonanserin than with haloperidol, blonanserin had a 1.62 higher risk of akathisia than risperidone (CI = 1.18-2.22, NNH = 8) [corrected]. Our results suggest that although blonanserin has a more beneficial effect on negative symptoms than haloperidol, there was a significant difference in the adverse events profile between blonanserin and other antipsychotics.

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