Cancer letters

MiR-15b and miR-152 reduce glioma cell invasion and angiogenesis via NRP-2 and MMP-3.

PMID 23142217


We tested invasion and angiogenesis related mRNA expression and miRNA profiles of glioma. Genes with mRNA expression that changed significantly were selected to predict possible miRNAs that regulate mRNA expression, and were then matched with miRNA results. NRP-2 with the matching miRNA miR-15b, and MMP-3 with the matching miRNA miR-152 were selected for further study. Luciferase activity assay confirmed that miR-15b and miR-152 attenuate expression of NRP-2 and MMP-3 protein by binding to NRP-2 and MMP-3 transcript, respectively. In vitro invasion assay data showed that miR-15b and miR-152 significantly decreased 9L cell invasiveness. In vitro tube formation assay data showed that miR-15b reduced tube formation. A preliminary pathway study indicated that miR-15b and miR-152 deactivated the MEK-ERK pathway via NRP-2 and MMP-3 in 9L cells, respectively.