Journal of molecular histology

Upregulation of CBLL1 in rat brain cortex after lipopolysaccharide treated.

PMID 23160791


CBLL1 (Casitas B-lineage lymphoma-transforming sequence-like protein 1) also known as Hakai, was originally identified as an E3 ubiquitin-ligase for the E-cadherin complex. Recent data have provided evidences for novel biological functional role of CBLL1 during tumor progression and other diseases. However, its distribution and function in the central nervous system (CNS) remains unclear. In this study, we found CBLL1 was significant up-regulation in cerebral cortex after LPS administration and immunofluorescent labeling indicated that CBLL1 was localized striking in the neurons. We also investigated co-staining of CBLL1 and active-caspase-3 and cyclin D1 in the cerebral cortex following LPS administration. Based on our data, we speculated that CBLL1 might play an important role in neuronal apoptosis following LPS administration and might provide a basis for the further study on its role in cell cycle re-entry in neuroinflammation in CNS.