Journal of hazardous materials

Styrene process condensate treatment with a combination process of UF and NF for reuse.

PMID 23195599


Aiming at reusing the SPC to save water resource and heat energy, a combination treatment process of UF/NF was applied to remove inorganic irons, suspended particles and little amount of organic contaminants in this article. To achieve the indexes of CODM≤5.00 mg L(-1), oil≤2.00 mg L(-1), conductivity≤10.00 μs cm(-1), pH of 6.0-8.0, the NF membrane process was adopted. It was necessary to employ a pretreatment process to reduce NF membrane fouling. Hence UF membrane as an efficient pretreatment unit was proposed to remove the inorganic particles, such as iron oxide catalyst, to meet the influent demands of NF. The effluent of UF, which was less than 0.02 mg L(-1) of total iron, went into a security filter and then was pumped into the NF process unit. High removal efficiencies of CODM, oil and conductivity were achieved by using NF process. The ABS grafting copolymerization experiment showed that the effluent of the combination process met the criteria of ABS production process, meanwhile the process could alleviate the environment pollution. It was shown that this combination process concept was feasible and successful in treating the SPC.