Archives of pharmacal research

Preparation and valuation of a topical solution containing eutectic mixture of itraconazole and phenol.

PMID 23212635


The purposes of this study were to prepare a topical solution containing itraconazole (ITR)-phenol eutectic mixture and to evaluate its ex vivo skin permeation, in vivo deposition and in vivo irritation. The eutectic mixture was prepared by agitating ITR and phenol (at a weight ratio of 1:1) together at room temperature. The effects of additives on the skin permeation of ITR were evaluated using excised hairless mouse skin. The in vivo skin deposition and skin irritation studies were performed in Sprague-Dawley rat and New Zealand white rabbit model. The permeability coefficient of ITR increased with addition of oleic acid in the topical solution. Otherwise, the permeability coefficient was inversely proportional to the concentration of the thickening agent, HPMC. The optimized topical solution contained 9 wt% of the ITR-phenol eutectic mixture, 9.0 wt% of oleic acid, 5.4 wt% of hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose and 76.6 wt% of benzyl alcohol. The steady-state flux and permeability coefficient of the optimized topical solution were 0.90 ± 0.20 μg/cm(2)·h and 22.73 ± 5.73 × 10(6) cm/h, respectively. The accumulated of ITR in the epidermis and dermis at 12 h was 49.83 ± 9.02 μg/cm(2). The topical solution did not cause irritation to the skins of New Zealand white rabbits. Therefore, the findings of this study indicate the possibilities for the topical application of ITR via an external preparation.