Carbohydrate polymers

Prilling for the development of multi-particulate colon drug delivery systems: pectin vs. pectin-alginate beads.

PMID 23218307


This paper proposes a multi-particulate drug delivery system produced by prilling technique in combination with an enteric coating. Optimization of process parameters, such as feed viscosity at nozzle, selection of cross-linker, pH of the gelling solution and cross-linking time, allows to obtain beads with strong gelled matrix. Results showed that dextran/piroxicam beads demonstrated high encapsulation efficiency, very narrow dimensional distribution and high sphericity. Coated beads retained shape and narrow size distribution of the uncoated particles. Moreover, the strength of the produced Zn(2+)-pectinate beads allows to reduce Eudragit coating thickness. Piroxicam loaded multi-particulate systems show an interesting prolonged drug release in intestinal fluids. Hence, such platforms could be proposed for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases.