Carbohydrate polymers

Compatibility studies on tea polysaccharide/amylose/water and tea polysaccharide/amylopectin/water.

PMID 23218318


The compatibilities of amylose/tea polysaccharide (Am/TPS) and amylopectin/tea polysaccharide (Ap/TPS) in water were investigated with theoretical calculations and experimental measurements. To achieve this, dilute-solution viscometry (DSV) and high-speed differential scanning calorimetry (hyper-DSC) were used. The compatibility criteria on the basis of Δb(m), ΔB(m), μ, Δ[η](m) and thermodynamic parameters, T(g) and ΔT(g) were estimated. The data obtained from DSV show that the Am/TPS mixtures with 0.65:0.35, the Ap/TPS mixtures with (a) 0.85:0.15 and (b) 0.75:0.25 at limited moisture are completely miscible. The results were also confirmed using DSC. A texture analyzer was also used to study effects of Am/TPS and Ap/TPS with different weight fractions on the textures of mixed sol. The results show that the firmness, consistency, cohesiveness and index of viscosity of the Am/TPS and Ap/TPS sol increase with the increase of TPS level and that TPS could provide a more desirable physical structure for starch-based foods.