European journal of pharmacology

Contribution of serum IL-4 and IgE to the early prediction of allergic reactions induced by chlorogenic acid.

PMID 23219790


Chlorogenic acid (CA) is one of the active ingredients in some Chinese herbal injections, which may cause allergic reactions in clinic therapy. However, the criterion of test for allergen had not been employed in current Pharmacopeia of United States, European Pharmacopeia, Japanese Pharmacopeia and British Pharmacopeia. In order to find a new way to predict allergic reactions induced by CA earlier, the guinea pigs were sensitized successively by injecting CA intravenously once a day for three times, the results were compared that of Chinese Pharmacopeia by injecting CA intraperitoneally once every other day for three times, serum IL-4 and total IgE were detected by method of enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) before guinea pigs were challenged once by injecting the same drug intravenously. The time-effectiveness and dose-effect of allergic reactions induced by CA were also studied. We found that contents of serum IL-4 and total IgE increased significantly before guinea pigs were challenged, either in D8 after intravenous sensitization (1.5 g/l CA, 0.5 ml) or in D14 and D21 after intraperitoneal sensitization (1.5 g/l CA, 0.5 ml), and allergic reactions occurred in all guinea pigs after challenged once by injecting CA (1.5 g/l, 1.0 ml) intravenously. It provides a new way to predict whether CA (or Chinese herbal injections contained CA) can provoke allergic reactions by detecting serum IL-4 and total IgE earlier; the examination period is reduced by 1-2 weeks. It has a good prospect of application in drug emergency test.