Przeglad lekarski

[Atypical poisoning with mixture of toxic alcohols--a case report].

PMID 23243937


We presented the male who was addicted to ethanol, and who drank the mixture of different toxic alcohols. Toxicological screening of ingested fluid found 42% vol propan-1-OL, and 17% vol propan-2-OL (isopropanol). After regaining consciousness, the patient stated that substance is becoming more and more popular as a new type of cheap alcohol, and because of its "low price and high power". 1. It is advisable to consult all cases of poisoning with inedible alcohols with Regional Centers of Toxicology. 2. There is an urgent need to create a reference toxicological laboratories, which would have the ability to diagnose poisoning with different xenobiotics. 3. Further training for students and doctors, about diagnosis and therapy of acute poisonings, should be done. 4. The endemic foci of intoxication with inedible alcohols should be checked and discovered.