Zhonghua yi xue za zhi

[Effects of expression of mitochondria long-chain fatty acid oxidative enzyme with different chain lengths of free fatty acids in trophoblast cells].

PMID 23253803


To explore the interacting mechanisms and influences of different chain lengths of fatty acids and the expression of mitochondria long-chain 3 hydroxyacyl CoA dehydrogenase (LCHAD) in trophoblast cells. The serum-free trophoblast cells cultured in vitro were divided into 5 groups to receive the stimulations of DMEM/F12 medium without FFA (F-FFA), short-chain fatty acids (SC-FFA), medium-chain fatty acids (MC-FFA), long-chain fatty acids (LC-FFA), very long-chain fatty acids (VLC-FFA). The expressions of mRNA and protein of LCHAD in trophoblast cells were detected by real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and Western blot. Compared with the F-FFA, SC-FFA and MC-FFA groups, the expressions of gene and protein of LCHAD significantly decreased (P < 0.05) in the LC-FFA group. The expression of gene of LCHAD increased significantly in the VLC-FFA group (P < 0.05). But no difference existed in protein expression between the VLC-FFA group and other three groups (P > 0.05). Gene expression of LCHAD had no difference among the F-FFA, SC-FFA, MC-FFA groups (P > 0.05). Compared with the LC-FFA group, the expression of gene of LCHAD increased significantly in the VLC-FFA group (P < 0.05). Free fatty acids may affect the expression of mitochondrial β-oxidation enzyme of LCHAD in trophoblast cells. Long-chain fatty acid alters the LCHAD gene protein expression. The correlation between very long chain fatty acids and the gene expression of LCHAD has been detected and their interactions needs further explorations. Short or medium chain fatty acids have no significant effect on the mitochondrial metabolism of fatty acid β-oxidation in trophoblast cells.