Internal medicine (Tokyo, Japan)

A case of slowly progressive type 1 diabetes with insulin independence maintained for 10 years with α-glucosidase inhibitor monotherapy.

PMID 23257526


Slowly Progressive Type 1 Diabetes (SPT1D) is characterized by the absence of insulin dependence at the onset of diabetes and persistent detection of islet cell autoantibodies. These patients with high titers of glutamic acid decarboxylase autoantibodies (GADA) are known to progress to insulin dependence within several years. Low-dose insulin injections have been reported to prevent or delay the decline of insulin secretion in SPT1D patients. We experienced the case of an SPT1D patient with preserved endogenous insulin secretion and good glycemic control achieved with α-glucosidase inhibitor (α-GI) treatment alone for 10 years despite having continuously elevated GADA titers. The details of this case suggest that α-GI treatment might have preventive effects on SPT1D progression.