Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences

Development and implication of methodology for aceclofenac in pure and pharmaceutical formulations by microwave assisted spectrophotometry.

PMID 23261744


A simple, fast and cost effective method for determination of aceclofenac in pure and tablet formulations has been developed and validated. The method is based on formation of stable blue coloured complex (λmax = 740nm) of Aceclofenac with ammonium molybdate in presence of sulfuric acid under microwave irradiation for 5min. Peak shift in FT-IR spectra also indicated the formation of complex. Measurement of absorbance was carried out at λmax = 740nm. The reaction obeys Beer's law over the concentration range of 50-250μg/ml of aceclofenac. The RSD (intra-day and inter-day precision) for the drug is not greater than 0.95% and recoveries were found to be in range of 99.01-99.99%. The proposed method can be used successfully for routine analysis of aceclofenac in pure and tablet formulations.