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A self-assembled nanocarrier loading teniposide improves the oral delivery and drug concentration in tumor.

PMID 23266449


We attempted to improve the oral delivery of lipophilic teniposide to achieve higher drug concentration in tumor by self-assembled nanocarrier for further oral chemotherapy. The teniposide loaded self-assembled nanocarrier (TSN) was spherical nanometric particles with narrow size distribution. The intestinal absorption of teniposide from TSN was obviously improved 4.09- and 6.35-fold in duodenum and jejunum at 0.5h after oral administration, then significantly decreased with the prolongation of time. The cellular uptake of TSN in Caco-2 cell monolayer was significantly enhanced over 3 folds and increased with incubation time. Moreover, TSN could be internalized into Caco-2 cell monolayer through clathrin-mediated endocytosis pathway, and then mainly transported into the systemic circulation via portal vein and intestinal lymphatic pathway. The pharmacokinetic results indicated that the AUC(0-t) value of TSN in rats was significantly improved 5.41-fold than that of teniposide solution, moreover, the teniposide concentration in tumor from TSN was obviously improved over 7-fold in tumor bearing mice. The captured image indicated that the oral administered TSN could specifically accumulate in tumor in the xenograft model. Therefore, the self-assembled nanocarrier was promising to enhance the oral delivery of lipophilic teniposide and its concentration in tumor for oral chemotherapy.

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