Journal of ultrasound in medicine : official journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine

Global testicular infarction in the presence of epididymitis: clinical features, appearances on grayscale, color Doppler, and contrast-enhanced sonography, and histologic correlation.

PMID 23269723


Epididymitis is common, presenting indolently with unilateral scrotal pain and swelling. Diagnosis is based on clinical assessment and resolves with antibiotic therapy. Recognized complications are abscess formation and segmental infarction. Global testicular infarction is rare. Diagnosis is important and requires surgical management. On grayscale sonography, global infarction may be difficult to establish. The addition of color Doppler imaging is useful but is observer experience dependent with limitations in the presence of low flow. Contrast-enhanced sonography is useful for unequivocally establishing the diagnosis. We report global testicular infarction in 2 patients with epididymitis clearly depicted on contrast-enhanced sonography, allowing immediate surgical management.