International journal of biological macromolecules

Exploiting the synergistic effect of chitosan-EDTA conjugate with MSA for the early recovery from colitis.

PMID 23270836


The present study was aimed to exploit the antibacterial/antifungal and film coating potential of Chitosan-EDTA (CH-EDTA) conjugate in combination with mesalamine (anti-inflammatory agent) for the early recovery from TNBS induced coilitis. The results suggested CH:EDTA (1:1) spray coated mesalamine tablets has an ability to transport drug in buffer pH 6.8 with rat caecal content condition. The CH-EDTA shows high level of adhesiveness of coat with core tablet. Further, FTIR, DSC and SEM analysis suggested spray coating of CH-EDTA on tablets was beneficial as compared to ladling method as it enhances interaction density and showed resistance from pH (1.2, 6.8 and 7.4). The pharmacokinetic parameters, AUC and AUMC of spray coated tablets were respectively, 4.70 fold and 2.10 fold increased. A synergistic therapeutic effect with CH-EDTA spray coated mesalamine was observed as evaluated by colon/body weight ratio, clinical activity score and damage score. X ray image study supported that CH-EDTA conjugate successfully delivered MSA tablets to large intestine. Histopathology of colon tissues showed rapid recovery from TNBS induced colitis in rats within 4 days. The findings revealed decreased recovery period was due to combined effect of both CH-EDTA and MSA to treat TNBS induced colitis.