Biosensors & bioelectronics

Electrochemical microdevice for on-site determination of rice freshness.

PMID 23274181


An electrochemical microdevice was fabricated for on-site rapid freshness determination of rice. The activity of peroxidase was used as an indicator for freshness. With hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone as substrates, the enzymatic reaction of peroxidase produced benzoquinone, which was subsequently reduced on a gold working electrode electrochemically. The progress of the enzymatic reaction could clearly be observed in the change of cyclic voltammograms. Distinct differences were observed in the current change between fresh rice and aged rice, reflecting the remaining activity of peroxide. The current also depended on the time at which rice grains were milled. The result agreed well with those obtained by the conventional fluorometric and guaiacol methods. Comparison of results obtained with different numbers of grains showed that even the measurement with a single grain provided fairly consistent data. Furthermore, the existence of grains of different freshness could be identified using a device with multiple sensing sites.