ACS nano

One-pot assembly of a hetero-dimeric DNA origami from chip-derived staples and double-stranded scaffold.

PMID 23281627


Although structural DNA nanotechnology, and especially scaffolded DNA origami, hold great promise for bottom-up fabrication of novel nanoscale materials and devices, concerns about scalability have tempered widespread enthusiasm. Here we report a single-pot reaction where both strands of double-stranded M13-bacteriophage DNA are simultaneously folded into two distinct shapes that then heterodimerize with high yield. The fully addressable, two-dimensional heterodimer DNA origami, with twice the surface area of standard M13 origami, formed in high yield (81% of the well-formed monomers undergo dimerization). We also report the concurrent production of entire sets of staple strands by a unique, nicking strand-displacement amplification (nSDA) involving reusable surface-bound template strands that were synthesized in situ using a custom piezoelectric inkjet system. The combination of chip-based staple strand production, double-sized origami, and high-yield one-pot assembly markedly increases the useful scale of DNA origami.