Environmental pollution (Barking, Essex : 1987)

Occurrence of chlorinated paraffins in house dust samples from Bavaria, Germany.

PMID 23313733


Levels and distribution of chlorinated paraffins were studied in randomly taken house dust samples (<63 μm) from the greater area of Munich, Germany. Quantification of short- (SCCPs, C(10)-C(13)) and medium-chain chlorinated paraffins (MCCPs, C(14)-C(16)) were performed using gas chromatography electron capture negative ion mass spectrometry (GC-ECNI-MS). Concentrations of MCCPs in private household samples varied between 9 μg/g and 892 μg/g, and exceeded levels of SCCPs, which were in the range of 4-27 μg/g. Two dust samples from a public building contained up to 2050 μg/g SCCPs but no MCCPs. Among MCCPs, chlorinated tetradecanes were major components with a proportion of almost 50%. Among SCCPs, chlorinated dodecanes were usually present at higher concentrations than the congeners of any C10, C11, and C13 chains. The results indicate that particularly MCCPs may be present in relatively high concentrations in house dusts.