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High-dose oral medroxyprogesterone for inappropriate hypersexuality in elderly men with dementia: a case series.

PMID 23324505


To retrospectively examine the utility of high-dose oral medroxyprogesterone (MPA) for the treatment of inappropriate hypersexuality (IH) in elderly men with dementia. Ten men aged 65 years or older (median 79.5 years, range 65-93 years) were identified from all admissions at a 170-bed tertiary referral psychiatric hospital between December 2005 and January 2011. Admission records were used to identify subjects who received at least 100 mg daily of oral MPA. The primary outcome of successful treatment was chart documentation of a substantial decline in IH, such that subjects could return to preadmission residence. Data were collected to assess trends in dose, adverse effects, use of other symptom-modifying medications prior to MPA initiation, and successful return to preadmission placement. A trial serotoneric agent was used in 70% of subjects prior to MPA initiation. Sixty percent of subjects failed a trial of an antipsychotic, while 40% did not have response to the use of both a serotonergic agent and an antipsychotic before MPA was initiated. The average daily dose of MPA was 300 mg (range 100-400 mg/day). No adverse effects were documented from physician, nursing, or behavioral health rounding notes; however, adverse effects may not have been systematically assessed at the time of MPA administration. Seventy percent of subjects experienced favorable changes in target behaviors from MPA. Few data exist on effective therapy options for treatment of IH. The minimum concentration of MPA needed to suppress IH in the male body is unknown. MPA was titrated upward, with the efficacy measure being a decrease in inappropriate behaviors. Use of MPA likely contributed to decreased IH; however, other factors involved in hospitalization could have contributed to improved behavior. While requiring further study, high-dose (100-400 mg/day) oral MPA may represent an effective and well-tolerated treatment option for subjects displaying IH.

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