Journal of X-ray science and technology

X-ray microdiffraction and urine: a new analysis method of crystalluria.

PMID 23324789


The qualitative and quantitative analyses of crystalluria have clinical significance in the diagnosis and prognosis of urolithiasis. The aim of this paper is to provide a new accurate methodology to get qualitative and quantitative data on urine particulate in patients with renal stone disease.The procedure involves a urine collection, the separation of the solid residual by centrifugation, and its analysis by X-ray diffraction, utilizing a micro-diffractometer in order to analyze very low amounts of residual. The spectrum obtained was converted into 2 θ -I profiles and quantitatively refined by Rietveld method. The proposed methodology has the advantage to accurately quantify all crystalline phases and the amorphous component of the urine; anyway urine samples have to be centrifuged and analysed as soon as possible, because the quantitative results obtained by the X-ray microdiffraction showed that after some days and at room temperature urine increased significantly both amorphous and crystalline phases.