Bioresource technology

Optimization of hydrolysis conditions of Palmaria palmata to enhance R-phycoerythrin extraction.

PMID 23334315


In this study, response surface methodology was applied to optimize R-phycoerythrin extraction from the red seaweed Palmaria palmata, using enzymatic digestion. Several algal treatments prior to digestion were first investigated. The extraction yield and the purity index of R-phycoerythrin, and the recovery of proteins and reducing sugars in the water-soluble fraction were then studied in relation to the hydrolysis time, the temperature and the enzyme/seaweed ratio. Enzymatic digestion appears to be an effective treatment for R-phycoerythrin extraction. Moreover, using the seaweed roughly cut in its wet form gives the most interesting results in terms of extract quality and economic cost. The R-phycoerythrin extraction yield is 62 times greater than without enzyme treatment and 16 times greater than without optimization. Enzymatic optimization enhanced the purity index up to 16 times.