Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces

A biodegradable and serum-resistant gene delivery carrier composed of polyamidoamine-poly N,N'-di-(2-aminoethyl) aminoethyl glutamine copolymer.

PMID 23337121


Polyamidoamine-poly N,N'-di-(2-aminoethyl) aminoethyl glutamine graft copolymers (PAMAM-PAGA) were synthesized by polymerization of BLG-NCA and subsequent aminolysis with tris-(2-aminoethyl)-amine. The chemical structure and composition of the copolymers were characterized by FT-IR and (1)H NMR. The physicochemical and biological performances of the copolymers or copolymer/pDNA complexes were evaluated by enzyme-degradation, agarose gel retardation, stability test against DNase I, DLS measurement, MTT assay, CLSM observation and in vitro transfection. The copolymers were biodegradable and less cytotoxic; the copolymers could self-assemble with pDNA to form complexes which possessed stability against DNase I; the particle sizes were in 140-200 nm and the zeta potentials of the complexes were in +10±0.6 mV; the complexes displayed the enhanced transfection efficiency and excellent serum-resistant capacity. Therefore, the PAMAM-PAGA copolymer can be used as a biodegradable and serum-resistant gene delivery carrier.