Journal of ethnopharmacology

Eleutherine indica L. accelerates in vivo cutaneous wound healing by stimulating Smad-mediated collagen production.

PMID 23337744


Eleutherine indica L. has been used for healing of wound, painful and irregular menstruation, dysentery and lesions, and topically used as antiseptic and antimicrobial agent in folk medicine. In the present study, methanolic extracts of Eleutherine indica was subjected to scientific investigation for in-vivo cutaneous wound healing in wistar rat. In-vivo wound healing activity of Eleutherine indica was evaluated by using circular excision experimental models, followed by histopathological and western blot analysis. The healing potential was comparatively assessed with a reference gentamicin sulfate hydrogel (0.01% w/w). Wound contraction measurement, hydroxyproline estimation and western blot for COL3A1, bFGF, Smad-2, -3, -4, and -7 were performed. The methanolic extract of Eleutherine indica showed accelerated wound healing activity as evidenced by fast wound contraction rate and higher hydroxyproline content of granulation tissue. Western blot revealed the Smad-mediated collagen production promoting property of Eleutherine indica methanolic extract. Histopathological examinations also supported the experimental findings. The study revealed that Eleutherine indica promotes wound healing by augmenting Smad-mediated collagen production in wound granulation tissue.