Obstetrics and gynecology

Indigo carmine extravasation to upper limb after pelvic reconstructive surgery.

PMID 23344405


The use of dyes during cystoscopy to visualize the ureters adequately is prevalent in gynecologic surgery. Observing ureteral patency after procedures such as a hysterectomy or pelvic reconstruction is important for identifying injury to the upper urinary tract. Indigo carmine is commonly used. Knowing the possible adverse effects and being aware of unusual presentations with the use of indigo carmine are important in managing and counseling patients. We present a case in which a patient developed indigo carmine extravasation to her upper limb after pelvic reconstructive surgery. The blue discoloration disappeared after 1 day. Indigo carmine extravasation to other parts of the body can occur without long-term complications. It takes 24-48 hours for the dye to clear subcutaneously.