PloS one

A novel interaction between hScrib and PP1γ downregulates ERK signaling and suppresses oncogene-induced cell transformation.

PMID 23359326


Previous studies have shown that the cell polarity regulator hScrib interacts with, and consequently controls, the ERK signaling pathway. This interaction occurs through two well-conserved Kinase Interacting Motifs, which allow hScrib to bind ERK1 directly, resulting in a reduction in the levels of phospho-ERK. This suggests that hScrib might recruit a phosphatase to regulate this signaling pathway. Using a proteomic approach we now show that Protein Phosphatase 1γ (PP1γ) is a major interacting partner of hScrib. This interaction is direct and occurs through a conserved PP1γ interaction motif on the hScrib protein, and this interaction appears to be required for hScrib's ability to downregulate ERK phosphorylation. In addition, hScrib also controls the pattern of PP1γ localization, where loss of hScrib enhances the nuclear translocation of PP1γ. Furthermore, we also show that the ability of hScrib to interact with PP1γ is important for the ability of hScrib to suppress oncogene-induced transformation of primary rodent cells. Taken together, these results demonstrate that hScrib acts as a scaffold to integrate the control of the PP1γ and ERK signaling pathways and explains how disruption of hScrib localisation can contribute towards the development of human malignancy.