Transplantation proceedings

First clinical experience with polysol solution: pilot study in living kidney transplantation.

PMID 23375273


In this study, we assessed the safety of the new organ preservation solution polysol solution in the clinical setting of living kidney transplantation. We conducted a prospective pilot study in nine adult donor-recipient couples using polysol solution for washout and cold storage of kidney grafts. Adverse reactions possibly related to the use of polysol solution as well as renal function at 1, 6, and 12 months after transplantation were monitored. All living kidney transplantation performed in adults in our center within 2002 to 2008 using the University of Winconsin solution served as controls (n = 190). The use of polysol solution was associated with a higher acute rejection rate compared to University of Wisconsin solution at all time points. Also, antibody-mediated rejection occurred more frequently in the polysol group. Renal function at all time points was also comparable between the groups. This pilot study in living kidney transplantation is the first clinical study on the use of polysol solution. Although the study was not powered on the endpoint rejection, we observed a high number of acute rejection and antibody-mediated rejection episodes in recipients of polysol solution preserved grafts as compared to University of Wisconsin solution controls. As a consequence the study was terminated prematurely.